Caitlin Turk: Owner, Designer, Maker, and Photographer of Handmade Jewelry at Egeria’s Well

Creative, Clumsy, Colorful. Finding and exploring new colors, designs, and ways to use and mix them will always make my day. I love anything blue or green toned (teal, mint, turquoise) and have often been described as a peacock.

Egeria was a minor goddess or nymph in Roman mythology associated with water, mountains, birth, and perhaps most prominently, wisdom. Her name is often used to refer to a female advisor. I have always been fascinated with various world mythologies and the myths surrounding Egeria struck me as particularly interesting and thus “Egeria’s Well,” a place where I hope others can also find inspiration, was born.

I started making jewelry in 2011 when I wanted to give something unique, thoughtful, and handmade to my friend for her birthday. The result of the rather impulsive project was not only a necklace for my friend, but a new obsession with creating more jewelry of my own. I have always adored jewelry and have an extensive and eclectic collection, but before then it had never occurred to me to make my own. I had been searching for my ‘perfect match’ artistic medium and I had finally found it.

Living and working in the heart of the Hudson Valley in New York State gives me the unique opportunity to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Forests, mountains, rivers, and streams abound and it makes it quite easy to find inspiration in nature.

My process varies: sometimes I have a vision before I even purchase the materials for a piece, but sometimes I let the materials guide me instead.

Color is something I am officially obsessed with. If someone asks me what things I could not live without, “color” is always on the list. I have the unfortunate trait of liking too many things and am even starting to like various types of pink (a color I once avoided like the plague). My work often includes interesting color combinations and you will find anything from vibrant citrine to soft baby blue in my pieces.